SWIFTEC  Type A transmission oil is formulated with highly refined paraffinic base oils and high performance additives for use in transmission systems of heavy machinery, hydraulic torque convertors of locomotives and other equipments where an oil of following specifications is recommended.


SWIFTEC TYPE-C is an automatic transmission fluid blended with highly refined solvent extracted, hydrofinished base oils and performance additives to meet the requirements of Type C specifications. It has good viscosity temperature properties and better resistance against oxidation and foaming, protects against wear and corrosion.


SWIFTEC ATF DX-II automatic transmission fluid is specially formulated with selection of high quality solvent refined and hydrofinished base oils and advanced technology product performance package to meet the Dexron – II specifications.


SWIFTEC ATF DX-III is an automatic transmission fluid formulated with selected synthetic and highly refined mineral base oils and advanced technology performance package additives to meet Dexron – III specifications and for use in latest automatic shift gear-boxes of modern cars and vehicles.